“Open Spring 2021” Czech Innovation Hubs Webinar Series (15 webinars)

12.1.2021 – 20.4.2021

The webinar series called Open Spring. This “webinar marathon” is dedicated to those, who are interested in using open data in agriculture, education, the environment, spatial planning, tourism, tourism and transport. The audience will be acquainted with how to use open data in their own activities and applications for the needs of agriculture and other industries and also with modern trends in the field of spatial data. Unfortunately, the situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic does not allow the organisers to pass on this information in person through the annual Prague Week on Big and Open Data event, so that the format of this event turned into an online event called Open Spring. This four-week webinar series will be run in Czech and will be held every Tuesday at 13:00 starting on 12th January 2021 with the Webinar on Creation of Map Data for Variable Applications in Precision Agriculture using a web tool. In the second half of this marathon, the traditional INSPIRE Hackathon will also be organized, where you will have the opportunity to try out practically new technologies and where the presented infrastructures will also be openly provided to developers. WirelessInfo and Plan4all is already open to your ideas and will happily include your ideas among the goals of this hackathon.

All webinars took place within the Open Spring 2021 event (www.otevrenejaro.cz).

  • 12.1.2021, 13:00 Webinar 1: Creation of map data for variable applications in precision agriculture using a web tool
  • 19.1.2021, 13:00 Webinar 2: Spatial data sharing – example of QGIS LayMan Plugin and HSLayers-NG web technology
  • 26.1.2021, 13:00 Webinar 3: SensLog – solution for sensor integration and sensor data management
  • 2.2.2021, 13:00 Webinar 4: Agronode – autonomous telemetry IoT station
  • 9.2.2021, 13:00 Webinar 5: AgriHub – Czech Agricultural Innovation Center
  • 16.2.2021, 13:00 Webinar 6: Lesprojekt Cloud – environment for applications and data
  • 23.2.2021, 13:00 Webinar 7: Regional specialties – an internet platform to support local producers and direct sales of their products
  • 2.3.2021, 13:00 Webinar 8: OpenLandUse – open database for land use evaluation and basis for building digital twins (Digital Twin) for the needs of complex models of development and condition of the earth’s surface
  • 9.3.2021, 13:00 Webinar 9: Use of Earth remote sensing data in agriculture with regard to the use of time series from Copernicus Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data
  • 16.3.2021, 13:00 Webinar 10: How to measure and compare the attractiveness of regions
  • 23.3.2021, 13:00 Webinar 11: Climate services for agriculture
  • 30.3.2021, 13:00 Webinar 12: How to use the concept of map compositions in education
  • 6.4.2021, 13:00 Webinar 13: Traffic modelling
  • 13.4.2021, 13:00 Webinar 14: Whiteboard – a tool for collaborative
  • 20.4.2021, 13:00 Webinar 15: SPOI – Large open tourist data