AgriFuture Days 2017

ICT’s for smart rural areas within entire countries supporting local advisory services 

  May 9th – 10th Kigali, Rwanda

The 5th Annual Agrifuture Days Conference 2017 will be an as absorbing and memorable event as its preceding Conferences. We look forward to making Agrifuture Days 2017 another applied learning opportunity for our partners, friends and colleagues attending the conference while also sharing first time the beautiful location in Kigali, the main city of Rwanda / Africa. We believe that the topic of the conference is of highest importance to all continents, but Africa and its green revolution concept as well as the driving force of Rwanda might be the fundament for selection this location where at the same time the Transform Africa Summit (10-12 May 2017) will take place.  

The AgriFuture Days are organized by the Club of Ossiach, a group of agriculturists, agri-business managers, agriculture and forestry technologists, agricultural ICT specialists and environmentalists from around the world. They meet periodically to collectively discuss and collaboratively act on influencing the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to improve agricultural productivity, profitability and contribution to food and nutrition security and safety globally.

The AgriFuture Days 2017 offer the possibility to get latest information about new technologies as well as new concepts how to use these technologies most efficiently. So every farmer, a large one on his own and a smallholder with the help of advisory services, will benefit from technology integration and stakeholder cooperation. Around 20 presentations will give a great overview on technologies and business models.

The 2nd day is mainly focusing on workshops with following topics:

A: Smart rural areas – a continuum to smart cities

B: Rural Advisory services and ICT – not public, not private, smart

C: Census and Livestock ear-tagging – smart animal management

Conference Theme:

ICT’s for smart rural areas within entire countries supporting local advisory services

With rapid urbanization world-wide, development of rural areas lags far behind of smart cities. The conference will discuss how ICT is able to close this gap by integrating and embedding different technologies into the right cooperation models. Beside agro-ICT experts also such from agro banks, agro insurance companies, telecoms and Ministries have been invited to enable the closure of the gap between rural areas and cities. We need both, both have to be smart!

Ajit Maru and Walter Mayer